Neverwinter Astral Diamonds: No Posting Fee on Neverwinter Auction House

Don’t be puzzled in posting fee in Neverwinter Astral Diamonds, there’s no posting fee on Neverwinter Auction House. People always don’t have enough astral diamonds to post an item on the auction house. If you have some astral diamonds, posting fee is a waste.

If you found there’s a posting fee, it means you have a wrong post.


How to post as 0 posting fee in Auction House?

1. Just do like this, you can get 0 posting fee.
2. Fill in 1 as Starting Bid.
3. Fill in the amount you bought and 10% fee. If you want to buy 1M, just posting 1,120,000.
4. Duration is nothing, you can select any one, and we can buy your items in 5-15 minutes.


You will see the posting fee is 0.

Reminder,leave your character name as characters@handle, then we can find it in AH.

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