Why PLS GAME MALL CANNOT Refund Immediately

PLS Game Mall guarantees 100% money back. The refund time is in a working day, but if your order is on Saturday or Sunday, we will refund in Monday. We have mentioned the refund policy and payments options before (Regarding Refund Policy in PayPal, Moneybookers/Skrill and Credit Card, Regarding our payment methods). “This is customer service department. Your refund request is accepted and I have transferred this case to our finance department. Financial officers will issue the refund in this working day (Saturday and Sunday are not included). “

Basicly 4 departments build up PLS GAME MALL network, they are Finance department, Marketing department, Technology department and Customer Service department. Buyers can request the refund from Customer Service department; they are Live Support, MSN, Skype, Skype, QQ and Email on buyers’ side. No doubt that we guarantee 100% money refund, but Customer Service operators will send the case to Finance department. Everybody in PLS GAME MALL has its own permissions and every department has its own responsibility. PLS Game Mall is not a person, it is a network and a registered company.

Dispute, claim and chargeback will extend the process of refund, and PLS Game Mall reserves the right to slove the dispute, claim and chargeback on the basis of terms and condition.

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