12-player Trials With Craglorn in Elder Scrolls Online

Craglorn, ESO’s upcoming content expansion, is the addition of Trials. Trials is that they bring a new experience to ESO designed to not only test even the toughest veterans but also implementing a leaderboard that will track how quickly your group completes the trial. You need a group of 12 and the team will only have a limited number of resurrections available, and additional rewards will be granted to those who defeat the weekly challenge with one of the top times across the megaserver. It demands skill, adaptability, and coordination from every member of the group in Trial. The skill system also allows gamers to play with group fragmentation, both planned and spontaneous. There are times when you’ll need to coordinate to split up and accomplish two or more objectives at once, but there are other times when your group can be shattered unexpectedly. In those situations, every player on the team will need to be ready to react and forge ahead in the Trial.


You can earn the best loot – special set pieces that only drop from the final bosses—once a week, and those with the top 100 completion times during the week can earn another piece of loot from the weekly Trial (selected at random from available Trials).

There was no official date set for the release of the “Craglorn,” so far, since the 30 day free-trial of the Online game is going to expire, the free trial of “Craglorn” maybe immediately set in.

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