Some Tips You Need to Know About FIFA14 Coins

FIFA 14 is a sports association football simulation video game developed by EA Canada and published by Electronics Arts. It was released in late September 2013. Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Coins on Android, IOS, PC, PlayStation3, PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE and Xbox360 are hot for sale now.


Attentions of buying FIFA14 Coins

1. When you place an order of FIFA14 Coins, please don’t forget to offer your player’s name in the order. Please make sure your player information correct.
2. The delivery method of FIFA Coins is Auction House, usually called Transfer Market in this game. You’d better sell poor players in Transfer Market
3. We buy player from you and you will gain the coins.
4. We Cover 5% Tax
eg. Fifa14 200K Coins cover 5% tax=210K Coins

There is also good news. In order to celebrate World Cup 2014, EA Sports announced a free update for FIFA 14 that adds a unique World Cup tournament mode to Ultimate Team, slated to arrive on May 29. The mode offers a separate card-collecting excursion within FIFA 14’s Ultimate Team mode in which players gather their World Cup squad to participate in both the online and single-player global tournament. Stay tune with us. More information is available here.

Buy FIFA14 Coins Here

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From: PLS Game Mall


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