Our new site in U.S. www.power-leveling-service.us

Thank you for your coming today, our new site of PLS GAME MALL in U.S. is launched. The original website data of http://www.the-power-leveling.us, http://www.power-leveling.us and http://www.powerleveling.us are merged in this new site for better UI, better SEO and lower price. This is not the end, and we are improving our site day and day. We appreciate that you can report some bugs and give us some suggestions. You will find the coupon in the end of this mail.

For the support of our regular customers, we offer some special products and big coupon below:
BOTTOM PRICE: WOW Power Leveling 1-90 78.99$
1. Power leveling 1-90 by questing.
2. First Aid 1 to 600.
3. Retain at least 3000 gold in the bag.
4. All loots and drops belong to customer.
5. Real man power level and 100% account safe.
Duration of this plan is 7-8 days.

Fast WOW 1-90 Power Leveling Within 3 Days     115.99$
1.level 1-90 within 3 days.
2.Free 3,000 Gold.
3.First Aid to 600.
4.Complete your class quest.
5. All flight paths uncovered.
6.Free to train the Dual Talent Specialization Ability.
7.Open flight paths & Flight master’s license.
Required: Your WoW account must be upgraded with WoW – Mists of Pandaria MoP Key.

Order Here:http://www.power-leveling-service.us/wow-world-of-warcraft-gold-us-powerleveling.html

Our ArcheAge Power Leveling and Gold are available:
Special Power Leveling Plan:
ROCKBOTTOM PRICE: Power Leveling 1-50
1. 100% handed power leveling, risk free.
2. Keep all the value drops for you.
Order here: http://www.power-leveling-service.us/archeage-gold-us-powerleveling.html

ArcheAge US Gold:
ArcheAge US – 30 Gold $9.85
ArcheAge US – 100 Gold $32.83
ArcheAge US – 500 Gold $164.17
ArcheAge US – 1000 Gold $328.33
Order here: http://www.power-leveling-service.us/archeage-gold-us-gold.html

5% off in power leveling, and 10% bonus in game gold.


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