Where is my email notification for my orders?

Thank you for your support in game gold and power leveling. We are leading the trend in this game real money trade field. The FIFA 15 coins, the ArcheAge Gold & power leveling are hot these days. Let’s get to the point of the title – Where is my email notification for my orders. OFF10 is still available for all buyers as the public coupon.

We settled the email notification for every movement of orders from the sender power-leveling@hotmail.co.uk. There are order start, order completed, account locked, one-time-password required etc. All the notifications are sent via email. Buyers always don’t know it or cannot find it in email. That’s because it is marked as spam. The Anti-Spam policy is based on some fixed algorithms and rules. Some notification types of messages are often judged wrong. We always try out best to report this is an error to Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail (outlook). If you cannot see the order notification, you can find it in spam/junk folder. You can check it and move it into inbox, and then our notification won’t be marked as spam/junk in your personal email.

We will list how to make power-leveling@hotmail.co.uk rushed in your inbox one by one from Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, hotmail to any email operators.





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