Gear Up NOW – ArcheAge Power Leveling for Faded Tokens and Hasla Weapons Available

Thank you for choosing the PLS GAME MALL. We added new products for ArcheAge buyers. The products are ArcheAge Faded Tokens and ArcheAge Hasla Weapons. Hasla Weapons are important in ArcheAge because they make you more competitive and improve your overall game play experience. Hasla Weapon allows you to compete in PvP whether it be attacking or defending and generally saves your time because monsters die faster.



Faded Token*200

Time:4 Days

Please inform us which tokens u want:
Conviction, Courage, Fortitude, Sacrifice, Honor, Loyalty, Compassion

One Tier 1 Hasla Weapons

Time:3 Days

Please choose one from below:
Faded Sword of Honor
Faded Greataxe of Loyalty
Faded Staff of Conviction
Faded Bow of Courage
Faded Shield of Fortitude
Faded Lute of Sacrifice
Faded Compassionate Greatclub

See more at:

More about the Faded Tokens and ArcheAge Hasla Weapons on


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