Your Private Assistants Are Available on PLS GAME MALL

Thank you for choosing the PLS GAME MALL. Have you suffered no one replied in email? Have you been mad that waiting long on live support? Have you suffered no where to complaint on real money trade website?……

Your Private Assistants Are Available on PLS GAME MALL
Your Private Assistants Are Available on PLS GAME MALL

PLS GAME MALL lunched Private Assistant system. It fixed the issue of your bad shopping experience. Before all communications are under email and live support, but not anybody can check email per hour. The live support is one-side connects. It means you can contact us via live support but we cannot contact you via live support once we need to contact you, such as one-time-password required, character name error, out of stock or any other things happen which suspended the order. Our Private Assistant is real person who is using the popular IM and social network, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Skype, QQ and Email. If you are regular or return customer, you can contact them and add them in your friend list. You can contact them to ask them your order status; how much gold in stock; ask for coupons or some special offer. Some products or items are not listed on website but we can offer, you can tell them what you want and they can quote you. We will evaluate our staff every day. We will arrange another Private Assistant and post him information on the website (right-hand side) if he is full of customers. Our aim is help customer fast and easy.

Focus on the right-hand side of our website and add them. More contact information will be listed.


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