Christmas Sales 2014 PLS GAME MALL, 8% OFF

Christmas Sales 2015 PLS GAME MALL, 8% OFF
Christmas Sales 2015 PLS GAME MALL, 8% OFF

Thank you for your coming, my dear customers. This is the last month in 2014. Thank you for your support in 2014, I appreciate your transactions in 2014 and we have improved a lot by the feedback.

Without further ado, the Limited 8% OFF comes. You guys can have 8% off in power leveling, 8% gold bonus in game gold, and 8% off in game items. No code required, just log in and you can see the bonus or discount. Remember you must be logged in as a member. If you are not a member, you can register here: If you forgot your password, you can re-send the password here: The important is the 8% off is 100 times limited every day. Don’t miss the chance. This is the biggest sales.

For the buyers who don’t want to be our members, we provide 4% off coupon for you. You can contact out live support or private assistant to get it. And the coupon you request is expired in 8 hours.

Merry Xmas

Best wishes for my customers


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