WOW Gold FAQ Updated Caused by the Blizzard Shock

The recommended WOW Gold delivery method is updated into Auction House, and we will cover the 5% fee. The auction house is the safest method to get the WOW Gold. We don’t recommend store the WOW Gold for long time. If the gold removed happened in 24 hours, we will replenish it for you.

How to delivery by Auction House?

1.Bid on items on auction house, we cover the 5% fee. Please bid on the item as 10,527 Gold as buyout price if you ordered 10,000 Gold. We suggest you to bid on several items separated if you ordered more than 50,000 Gold.

2.Let us know your item name, and then we will buy it.

3.You will harvest the gold in your World of Warcraft in-game mail in 30 minutes.

Our gold is not farmed only; most are wholesaled from the players. We value you and your transactions! World of Warcraft or other games should be a safe environment for everyone. Sometime we cannot eviscerate the origin of the WOW Gold on the provider’s character if the provider didn’t tell us the truth. All the WOW Gold is the same before the removing case happened. But we guarantee we will replenish it.

Our Link for WOW Gold

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Win a free Xbox One on June 15th 2015 on PLS GAME MALL


PLS GAME MALL offers the awards below:

1 Gold Award: Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle with Second Controller. [View]

5 Silver Awards: 100$ Coupon Code, No minimum consumption.

10 Bronze Awards: 25$ Coupon Code, No minimum consumption.

  1. 30$ for a chance. eg, an order of 100$ can obtain 3 chances, 200$ order can obtain 6 chances. If an order is less than 30$, you can not get a chance of winning the Xbox One. No category limiting, anything is available.
  2. The duration of this prize is from May 15th 2015(GMT 0/London Time) to June15th 2015(GMT 0/London Time).
  3. We will disclose the 16 winners list on Facebook, QQzone, Twitter, Google Plus, WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr and news page of PLS GAME MALL. 4 letters of your email will be hidden like xxxx. e.g. will be shown as
  4. The Xbox One will be sent from (U.S.A) as gift. Some countries or regions might get the issue of tariffs. PLS GAME MALL is not responsible for the tax.

Links for the sites of PLS GAME MALL

Future Site:

English UK:

English US:

English Asia:





ArcheAge AH fee drops 5%, bid on 1,053G for buying 1,000G

ArcheAge AH fee drops 5%, bid on 1,053G for buying 1,000G. We recommend auction house as the major delivery method. We cover the 5% fee. eg, buy 1,000G, you should bid on 1,053G. Duration is 24 Hours, and item name should be English Name. If you can not sure if it is official English name, you can search it and give us the link. The item database is here

Game gold traders are busy every day as there are hundreds of transactions per day, especially rush time. Sometimes the gold trade will be in queue. For reduce the trouble of waiting in game online, we recommend the auction house.

We recommended 1 items for 1,000G. Such as buy 4,000G, you’d better bid on 4 items as 1,053G for each, and totally 4,212G, instead 1 items for 4,212G. That can make delivery faster.

EU ArcheAge Gold:

US ArcheAge Gold: