Loot Auction Trade (F8) in Blade & Soul Gold

The recommended trade method in Blade & Soul Gold, 100% safe and complete within 10 minutes.

Loot Auction Trade (F8)

1. Both of our trader and buyers press F8 to enter the cross-server dungeon room.

2. We enter the same room with the number of room. Sometime we add a password. We need buyers contact our live support to get the room number and password.

3. Both of us will kill some monsters or enemies. We won’t fight over the dungeon, just few of them.

4. The drops require auction, it is called loot auction. We will bid the amount which you bought on our website. Then you got the gold, and our trader got the loot stuff.

5. Trade complete, you got how much BNS Gold you paid for.

Original Link: http://plsgamemall.tumblr.com/post/138585842761/loot-auction-trade-f8-in-blade-soul-gold