Biggest Change in Game Real Money Trade since 2006 – WOW Dropped into 2nd or 3rd

The game gold sale business is a type of game real money trade (RMT). WOW Gold is always being the top market in RMT niche. The market share changed in this week. Our data and research is not included the Russia, Japanese, Korea and China. The Europe and America’s data and research is our aim. According to incomplete statistics of the gold farmer, Android RMT App, IOS RMT App,, Bijiaqi and some game gold, ArcheAge gold (EU & US) is being the top market in the RMT industry. And the WOW Gold US is the second market and the WOW Gold EU is the third market. The market share is here like this:

1.ArcheAge Gold (EU & US)

2.FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins

3.WOW Gold US

4.WOW Gold EU

5.Guild Wars 2 Gold (EU & US)

6.Final Fantasy XIV Gil

7.FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins

8.RuneScape Gold

9.Elder Scrolling Online Gold (EU & US)

10.Path of Exile Currency Items

Since the new game FIFA 15 Ultimate Team launched on 23rd SEP, the market share will increase to be the first. ArcheAge launched on 16th SEP, but the US beta test server was opened for a year and several public test servers were opened on 4th SEP. The growth of market share won’t be better than FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

The whole market changed caused by the WOW players dropped. All the players from 14 years old to 40 years old come to other game and other platform, such as pad game, cell phone game, Xbox, play station, web-based game.