Neverwiner Astral Diamonds in Xbox One and PS4

Astral Diamond is the official currency in Neverwiner. Now the game is available in PC, Xbox and PS4. We launched the business of selling the Neverwiner Astral Diamonds in PS4 platform for the replenish.
Delivery Method: Auction House.
People should bid on the Appaloosa Horse. The price is 1 as start and 1,100,000 as buynow(buyout) price when you buy 1M. If buyer paid for buying 2M or more, then bid on more Appaloosa Horses. Each is priced as 1 ~ 1,100,000. We will cover the part of the fee 100,000.
Delivery Time:
As the records of our history inlcuding the PC version of Neverwiner Astral Diamonds, the fastest is in 10 minutes. The longest is in 24 hours. So our guaranteed delivery time is 10 minutes to 24 hours. Purchasers can request a refund if we can not meet buyer’s needs.
Refund Policy:
We PLS GAME MALL can refund if we can not deliver the Astral Diamonds in 24 hours.
Process of Astral Diamonds:
1) Place orders on PLS GAME MALL and pay for that. Remember that leave the correct character name. The character name is formated as abcd@efgh.
2) Prepare the AH like we said above.
3) We will buy it in 10 minutes to 24 hours.
Only 3 steps, but it is used for all PC, XBOX One and PS4 console.
Links for the Neverwiner Astral Diamonds: