The Process of Obtaining WOW Power Leveling From PLS Game Mall

Thank you for your support to PLS GAME MALL. PLS Game Mall is a prominent and trustworthy MMORPG service websites, specializing in ESO Gold, ESO Power Leveling, WOW Gold, WOW Power Leveling, Guild Wars 2 Gold, Guild Wars 2 Power Leveling, Neverwinter Astral Diamonds, FFXIV Gil, FFXIV Power Leveling, Runescape Gold, FIFA14 Coins and so on. Here we show how to gain World of Warcraft Power Leveling quickly from us.

1. Select a product and pay for it.
2. We will login your account to start WOW Power Leveling in 15 minutes, you will receive a notification via email or sms. If you cannot find our notification even in spam or junk folder, you should contact our live support to check if your order goes well.
3. We will update your level daily so that you can trace the level online. Also you can check the actual level via by MSN, Skype, Email or Live support.
4. When order is completed, we will send order notification via email with screenshot.
5. Please update your password after order completed.

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FFXIV Gil Delivery Method – Moogle Delivery Service

PLS GAME MALL offers FFXIV Gil and we deliver the Gil via mailbox. It is named Moogle Delivery Service in Final Fantasy XIV. After you paid we will send a friend request to you so please keep your character online and accept it. Then we will send a letter with Gil to you and you can harvest the gil instantly. The process will be in 5-30 minutes, average delivery time is 15 minutes. There will be a notification at the top of the screen when you receive the gil and fetch it from Delivery Moogle.

Don’t return gil after receive it. We never request gold back, so ignore anyone who ask you to trade gil back, including the traders.

FFXIV Gil Delivery Method - Moogle Delivery Service
FFXIV Gil Delivery Method – Moogle Delivery Service

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Official Instruction:

Moogle Delivery Service
The Moogle Delivery Service is a convenient way to send messages, items, and Gil to anyone on your Friend List. When you receive a message, a notification icon will display at the top of the screen. To view the message, simply speak with a delivery moogle at any city or outpost.

Die Mogry-Post ist eine bequeme Möglichkeit zum Versand von Nachrichten, Gegenständen und Gil an jeden auf eurer Freundesliste. Wenn ihr eine Nachricht erhaltet, wird oben auf eurem Bildschirm ein Benachrichtigungssymbol angezeigt. Um die Nachricht zu sehen, müsst ihr nur mit einem der Mogry-Postboten sprechen, die in jeder Stadt und an jedem Außenposten zu finden sind.

Réseau Mog
Le réseau Mog est pratique pour envoyer des messages, des objets et des gils aux joueurs présents dans votre liste d’amis. Lorsque vous recevez un message, un icone de notification s’affiche en haut de l’écran. Pour le lire, parlez tout simplement à un Mog postier dans une ville ou un avant-poste.