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Black Desert Online Silver: Gold Farming

Silver is the basic currency in Black Desert Online, but it cannot be trade as normal. It is usually called as “ Black Desert Online Gold ”. Either Face-to-face, Auction House or Mail delivery are not working in Black Desert Online. So PLS GAME MALL makes a solution, it is gold farming. We will log in your account and farming the silver for you like power leveling.

There will be a requirement for Black Desert Online Silver farming – Level 50 & Weapon +8. You can buy power leveling if you cannot be like this. Also you can contact our live support to fix this, like make a new package as a special offer. It means the prices will be more expensive than the prices listed on the standard products list but this action is not recommended. What we recommend is buying power leveling to [level 50 & weapon + 8] first and then buy the cheap Black Desert Online Silver.

PLS GAME MALL, who concentrates on power leveling, game gold and game items, founded in 2008. In power leveling, PLS adheres to level character up by questing. We never pursue the lowest price but we chase the security of customers’ accounts. In game gold, we persists the fast delivery but we give up the lowest prices. Meantime we have zero tolerance for black-gold by any reason.




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